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Assetto Corsa Japanese Pack REVENTA STEAM



Acerca del Juego

Welcome to the JAPANESE PACK the newest addon content pack available for ASSETTO CORSA featuring allnew cars chosen by our communityDirectly from the very best of the Japanese Domestic Market...

Welcome to the JAPANESE PACK the newest addon content pack available for ASSETTO CORSA featuring allnew cars chosen by our communityDirectly from the very best of the Japanese Domestic Market JDM Assetto Corsa proudly presents the Japanese Pack introducing seven new cars in a total of twelve versions creating the perfect mix of vehicles of different classes types and ages ready to satisfy the taste of Assetto Corsa fansThe development team has worked incredibly closely with car manufacturer with the aim to reproduce each car in all their detail as well as the heritage atmosphere and thrilling driving experience that only this combination of car models can guarantee Features Mazda MX5 2015 Features Mazda MX5 CUP Features Mazda RX7 Spirit R tuned version Features Toyota Supra MK IV time attack and Drift version Features Toyota AE86 Trueno tuned and Drift version Features Nissan 370Z NISMO Features Nissan GTR R34 Skyline VSpec Mazda MX5 2016 and MX5 CUPThe Mazda MX5 Miata is famous to be a highly capable racing platform it is known as the bestselling roadster in the world and some even claim that this model is the most roadraced car worldwide Mazda seems to agree so starting in 2016 there will be multiple Mazda Global MX5 Cup series around the world all using the same 4thgeneration modelMazda RX7 Spirit RThe thirdgeneration RX7 first launched in 1991 has a particularly distinctive exterior design Its lightweight compact and highoutput rotary engine enables the driver to feel its superb driving pleasure Epitomizing Mazdas spirit of sports cars the RX7 won popularity among customers since its 1978 launch The production of the latest RX7 model FD3S came to an end in August 2002The Spirit R series is available in three models the TypeA a twoseater with a fivespeed manual transmission the TypeB a fourseater with a fivespeed manual transmission and the TypeC a fourseater with a fourspeed automatic transmission All three models are equipped with common interior and exterior features such as BBSmanufactured 17inch wheels red brake calipers and interior panels with a special soft coating while each model shows off distinctive equipment to make a difference from the other The TypeA Spirit R is a twoseater model fitted with Recaromade exclusive red full bucket seats These lightweight seats reduce the overall chassis weight of the vehicle by approximately 10 kg Braking performance is enhanced through the use of large drilled ventilated disk brakes for all four wheels and highrigidity stainless mesh brake hoses The TypeA Spirit R model is the ultimate RX7 boasting the most outstanding driving performance in its historyNissan 370Z NISMO 2016Although it has now been 45 years since the arrival of the original 240Z its influence remains strong in the sports car world and in the design of the currentgeneration 370Z Coupe The iconic shape formed by the combination of a short wheelbase wide track low centre of gravity and a fluid silhouette is as instantly recognizable today as it was in 1970Even more than the racinginspired aerodynamic body and driveroriented cockpitstyle interior at its core the NISMO is all about performance To that end the 370Z NISMO includes a potent 350horsepower 37liter DOHC V6 engine with Variable Valve Event and Lift Control VVELThe 370Z NISMOs enhanced engine power and acceleration is provided through the use of an exclusive Hconfigured exhaust system design and muffler tuning along with optimized ECM Engine Control Module calibration to help create 18 horsepower more than a standard 370Z Torque is rated at 276 lbftNissan GTR R34 Skyline VSpec1999 saw the introduction of the new Skyline R34 GTR with a wealth of history behind it and an enviable reputation to live up to A superevolution of the model it replaced the R34 GTR is more advanced in every respect Its body is stiffer and its aerodynamics package is further refined and the Vspec features front and rear carbonfibre diffusers under the car and dualwing adjustable aerofoil on the boot lid Among the many technical refinements under the bonnet are twin ceramic intercooled turbochargers which effectively eliminate turbo lag There is also more torque and better power deliveryA sixspeed Getrag transmission delivers the engines output to the wheels Improvements had been made to the ATTESA fourwheel drive system which features ETS or Electronic Torque Split This gives the driver the entertainment of a 100 percent rearwheel drive car together with the traction and safety of a 5050 fourwheel drive system when conditions demand it This is further backed up by intelligent electronic limitedslip differential Refinements to the Super HICAS rearwheel steer system include an electronic yawrate Feedback Control System for even more precise control of the rear wheels in extreme situationsQuicker turbo response was achieved through the use of new turbochargers Power is fed through a new sixspeed close ratio Getrag gearbox The basic engine goes back some nine years and was first developed for racing applications In racing specification the engine comfortably produces upwards of 507bhpToyota AE86The AE86 generation of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno is a small lightweight coupe or hatchback introduced by Toyota in 1983 In classic Toyota code the A represents the engine that came in the car 4A series E represents the Corolla 8 represents the fifth generation E80 series while 6 represents the variation within this generationEven after production of the car was discontinued in 1987 many privateer teams kept on racing the AE86 and it is still a popular choice today for rallying and club racesPart of the continued appeal of the AE86 for motorsports is its reardrive configuration a feature not available in most new lightweight coupesToyota Supra MK IVIn 1979 the Supras 26liter inlinesix cylinder engine was the first Toyota production engine to be equipped with electronic fuel injection The Supra was available with both manual and automatic transmission and came standard with 4wheelindependent suspension and 4wheel disk brakesWith the exception of minor styling updates the next major change occurred in 1993 when the Supra entered the realm of supercars Available in both turbo and nonturbo guise the new Supra was a radical departure from Supras of old Performance was now the name of the game and many weightsaving measures were employed – Toyota went so far as to equip the vehicle with hollow carpet fibres and make the rear spoiler optional on turbo models hollowThe Turbo model was hailed by all major magazines as a true worldbeater With 280hp the vehicle was capable of 0100 km/h sprints in under 5 seconds and carried on to an electronicallylimited top speed of 250 km/h This was the highest level of performance and the strongest commitment to performance Toyota had ever placed in one vehicle

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