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Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown REVENTA STEAM



Acerca del Juego

Lead your team of Runners to survive a corrupt megacorporation’s intrigue threatening thousands of lives in this new actionstrategy game set in the most popular cyberpunk universe of all times...

Lead your team of Runners to survive a corrupt megacorporation’s intrigue threatening thousands of lives in this new actionstrategy game set in the most popular cyberpunk universe of all times – Shadowrun Blending XCom style gameplay with RPG elements in the unique Shadowrun setting and adding an extensive single and coop campaign Shadowrun Chronicles offers the next generation of tactical turn based action gamesEntrapped in a city plagued by a deadly virus assaulted by the minions of a megacorporation attacked by infected and with a dragon on a rampage through the city you have to unearth the secret conspiracy that connects it allAs the leader of your team of Shadowrunners you will have to use magic technology and every weapon available to you to save the lives of thousands in a city at the brink of extinction Grow you character plan your missions and control your team in combat or play live coop with other players to overcome the challenges ahead of you Meet your fellow runners in the Back Alley or hire henchmen to help you succeed Set in the dystopian near future of our world where magic has awakened and blends with technology creatures of myth and legend have returned Elves Dwarves Orks and Trolls walk among the neonlit streets while the matrix connects everyone and everything as the corporate towers cast their long shadows across the globe You are a Shadowrunner a secret operative on the edge of society hired for the jobs no one wants to be connected with A cyberpunk rebel surviving by skill and instinct in the shadows of the corporate towersWelcome to the dark side of the future chummer It’s going to be a hell of a ride FeaturingWord of warning The game is tough its designed that way Running the shadows is never easy and going in guns blazing will certainly get you in troubleRun and Gun Gripping and deadly tactical turnbased combat in true Shadowrun style Choose from a wide array of skills groups magic technology and weapons to survive Teamwork Build up your team of runners or join with other players in live coop to find the best combination of skill magic and technology for survival Youll never run alone Team up with friends for your next run or swap stories with other runners in the hangout Take other players characters with you into a mission as henchmen Every move counts Dive behind cover find alternate routes with clever use of your skills send your drones or spirits into battle and use any weapon at your disposal to make it out aliveBe who YOU want to be Create your individual Shadowrunner in a completely levelfree character system from over 60 different combat and noncombat skills unique backgrounds and five metahuman races Start a musclepacked former Troll bouncer and become an expert Rigger sending your drones into combat or complement your spell slinging mage with the abilities of a skillful sniper The choice is yours Gear up Employ a variety of armor augmentations cyberware magic and of course tons of weapons Lob a grenade at your enemies blast them with a mana ball or pass them unnoticed by hacking their security systems Over 50 different enemies from vicious gangers to combat drones and corporate wagemages awaitShape the future Developed jointly with the tabletop RPG books your actions in the game will shape the future of the whole Shadowrun universeRequires internet connection to play

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Plataforma : Steam

Idioma : Inglés*, Alemán*, Francés*idiomas con localización de audio

Region : Region Libre


Genero : Indie

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