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The Solus Project REVENTA STEAM



Acerca del Juego

A single player exploration driven adventure with survival elements set on a mysterious and seemingly uninhabited alien planet Survive through exploration and unlock the mysteries of Gliese6143C From the...

A single player exploration driven adventure with survival elements set on a mysterious and seemingly uninhabited alien planet Survive through exploration and unlock the mysteries of Gliese6143C From the creators of quotUnmechanicalquot and successor to quotThe BallquotEarth has been destroyed and mankind lingers on in a small fleet of ships near Pluto As humanitys last hope you are sent to scout a distant planet as a potential location for a colony After years of space travel disaster strikes however and your ship is destroyed when approaching the planetWith your team members dead and your equipment gone you have no way of communicating or receiving help from anyone you are completely and utterly aloneDesperately you look for a way of phoning home but as you explore the seemingly desolate planet you uncover the dark secrets buried within the depths In this otherworldly odyssey you uncover mystery upon mystery as you try to survive the harsh climateFEATURESExplore Unlock the depths of the uncharted planet and discover the secrets buried deep below Delve into huge cave systems and tombs and uncover over 200 secrets Handcrafted10 large entirely handcrafted levels to explore Explore and puzzle your way through 5 islands and 5 large tombs/cavesAtmosphere Atmosphere rich environment that is fully dynamic An alien day and night cycle and a dynamic weather system that calculates everything from temperature wind humidity cloud coverage impact on the climate and so on It handles ocean tides Plants respond to the climate Storms form Earthquakes happenSurvive Survive the extreme climate tornadoes storms meteors lightning and not least the dark secrets buried beneath the surface VR Supports Vive and Oculus including room space and motion controllers Explore the huge world start to end in VR *Some VR features are still in development see notes at the bottom for infoFEATURES CONTINUEDDepth Plants grow and rot Ocean tide based on the moon Your body responds to everything from getting wet to lack of sleep to walking uphill to the humidity Hundreds of upgrades to be found Secret areas within secret areas within secret areasSavior Your death means the end of mankind Save us and rebuild a communication device to phone home by scavenging useful itemsAdventure Be a pioneer an archaeologist and an astronaut to explore a mysterious alien planet The adventure has a beginning and an end but it is a harsh world A mistake will cost you your lifeGAMEPLAYLinear The game has a start and end It is a singleplayer adventure with 10 large levelsYour Time Scale the game as you wish Go from a super hardcore experience to a relaxing stroll on an alien planet In fact you can cheat old school console style even It is your time your experienceJust You Little hand holding No obvious enemies It is just you All alone by yourselfOld school Fond memories of games from 10 20 years ago So do we Complex level layouts Dozens of secret areas Keys to unlock doors Underground environments A key to open the game consoleExploration There are hundreds and hundreds of things to find hidden away in the world Secret areas the size of modern quotnext gen levelsquot Just how deep does the rabbit hole goPuzzles Puzzle your way through environmental puzzles left by an alien civilization like our titles Unmechanical and The Ball THE PLANETWorld Gliese6143C is a harsh and barren planet covered by a vast ocean Days are over 45C/113F and nights under 30C/FArchipelago 5 islands with a shallow sea between them and connected through a system of caves To travel from one island to the next you must traverse these dark cavernsWreckage The spaceship in which you arrived crashed on arrival and its debris is scattered across the world Find and locate debris sites to find additional resourcesTombs Megalithic tombs are all over Clearly you were not the first intelligent being to have set foot on this planet Who was here before Where did they go What happened VRVive/Oculus Works on both Supports Xbox controller on Oculus and either the Xbox controller or motion controllers on Vive Supports room scale for Vive Keyboard and mouse is supported as wellMovement Supports regular locomotion walking and teleporting For rotating you can pick between room scale rotation snapped rotation 45 degree steps smooth rotation or enable strafing Movement speed can also be scaled freelyHigh end and huge This is not a small VR demo or game It is a massive 16 hour experiences with miles and miles worth of world to explore and provided you have a powerful machine 980 and up you can experience it with some of the most ambitious high end graphics tried in VR to dateTSP is not a pure VR game It was designed for nonVR gameplay and thus a VR headset is in no way required to play the game If you do have one it is an awesome but different experienceVR is work in progress Currently not implemented VR Loading screens and Oculus Touch The intro tutorial is also a bit rough Everything else works solidly TSP received a major VR patch July 20 2016 adding VR inventory and crafting among many other fixes and another one on December 4 2016 adding the Explorer Diary and a range of fixesABOUT USThe Solus Project is the brainchild of Sjoerd quotHourencesquot De Jong As a oneman army he crafted the vision for the game and a large part of the games looks Sjoerd has over 12 years of experience in the industry and has worked for a range of large and small studios such as Starbreeze Epic Games Guerrilla Games Digital Extremes and many moreThe game has been in production since July 2013 and has a team of 5 to 10 people working on itTeotl is a small indie studio that was founded in 2010 and is located in Sweden It released The Ball on PC in 2010 and followed up with Unmechanical Unmechanical on PC and iOS/Android in 2012The studio focuses on creating high quality and immersive single player experiences The Ball won the PC Gamer USA Action / Adventure Game of the Year 2010 awardGrip Digital is a privately owned developer and publisher of games for consoles and highend portable devices based in Prague Czech Republic The company was started by industry veterans who worked on games across all major platforms Grip Games is working with the top independent developers to bring their games to console platforms

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